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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The go world's feelgood story

You all know the story, it has been told to you countless times, a derivative of Horatio Alger. It is a simple story: There are a group of professional sportsman, there's an amateur kid with some game coming from some jerkwater town that no one in the sport has ever heard of, and...then...there's a tournament, sponsored, cash money on offer, attended by the best. Our hero enters the tournament; guts, glory, tears, blood, made-for-TV contract in the pipeline. The crowds, the heartache, the challenges, the ravishing and downright sexy but somehow still wholesome girl who always believed (the kind you want to screw and take home to see mom).

Well, go players far and wide. It is happening now, underneath your very noses.

The tournament: IGS Rapid
The field: A whole bunch of professionals
The hero: An amateur from South Africa (the jerkwater of the go world), goes by the tag Rose Duke. JHB Club member, I might add.
The media: Gobase says, "The 5th preliminary round of the Pandanet Open Professional and Amateur Internet World Go Championship has finished. Besides 15 professionals just one mystery guest is left: RoseDuke."

Heehee. Rose Duke is no mystery to us down here in deepest, darkest Africa. And you can bet your last dollar that we're all gunning for him and his unorthodox fuseki.



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