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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Not quite genocide

Neither did I make the go fraternity in South Africa eat its collective liver (allusion: Catch 22), nor did I have to eat my liver. When I lost my first game to a 1-Dan, I thought, "Oh fuck, here goes another tournament debacle." Then, I won my second game (against a 2-kyu) by a slender marign of 4.5. This earned me again a game (for go nuts, the Johannesburg Open is a limited MacMahon) against, yes, Rose Duke (7-Dan). With me drawn to play white.

No, I didn't win, but, no kidding, I went toe-to-toe up until move 42 (see pic below and decide for yourself, 32 should be a C12, and 42 at L17 or K17), and a bit beyond. This is not my analysis, but Rose Duke's, who's not exactly known for kind go remarks. I competed for a little while, and, motherfucker, do I feel good. Anyway, you can judge for yourself.

Never before have I felt so good about losing. Go is great.

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