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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy New Year

As I war trolling through my inbox--looking for a long lost mail of some importance--I ran across this mail, which came a day or two after New Year's Day.

Dear Tristen,

Happy New Year to you.

I've now read and enjoyed PD. It's well written and I found the ideas/themes in it original and topical. And yet I have to pass as I did not believe in it enough to make me want to champion it. A lot of work has gone into it and you can write competently, but I am not convinced it is as strong as it needs to be to be taken on by a publisher these days. You probably heard it all before, but all major publishers are cutting their list of published titles (up to 20% in some cases) which means they are concentrating their efforts and money on fewer 'bigger' books in the hope of hitting the bestseller list jackpot. PD would have probably been accepted for publication a few years ago, but I really doubt that it stands a chance today, even if it's a good effort in its own right. I won't go into any editorial feedback here, as it's the overall project I'm talking about rather than some fixable changes to the book.

Sorry to disappoint you again, but I'm really taking on only what I am really passionate about and believe I can place. Good luck with your career - honestly I'd be pleased to be proven wrong and see your work in print, as you come across as a professional hard-working

All the very best



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