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Friday, May 12, 2006

A bit more on the non-posting

Fuck a duck and then eat it, I'm still exhausted and seeming to get no rest. In amongst some long-standing personal problems/conflict, I've:

1) Been in conflict for over 5 months with the board of the left-wing organisation I worked for
2) Been taken to court and threatened with arrest (a case was opened up against me) by above-mentioned board
3) Been attacked financially by the above-mentioned board, via the illegal non-payment of salary
4) Been illegally dismissed by the above-mentioned board
5) Currently engaged in a series of legal actions againts the board in regards to 3) and 4)
6) Feeling really guilty about not working on the thesis
7) Looking for new work
8) Playing shocking go, but still riding the last of the buzz of making dan



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