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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Lost Books of Aristotle

The thesis is living again, and I'm making progress into Aristotle's Ethics and Politics, with minor detours here and there. One such detour was into the lost books of Aristotle. I ran across this webpage, which is to be noted for both its intrigue and turn of phrase:

"Most of Aristotle's writings are now lost. That is a shame: Antiquity was not careful enough abouts its greatest thinker, while practically everything is extant from Plato, inventor of the idea of myriad-year-old winged souls fleeing to above Sky, or the 9,000 year old Atlantean superpower defeated by heroic Athenians in 9,400 BC. Well, Fiction is generally sold better than Science, so it was copied much more diligently."


"I tried to discuss this topics with several colleagues of mine, but without success. Maybe all of them are Platonist."



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