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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What happens to Horses after the Tuna is Gone

It looks like Japanese sushi chiefs are turning to horse meat to replace bluefin tuna. Why? They're consuming tuna at a rate faster than nature can replenish. One imagines that the same will be said for horses. You see? That shifting predator thing again. Anyway, from the Telegraph:

Sushi chefs are considering using raw deer and even horse meat because of an international shortage of tuna.

Spiralling demand for the fish coupled with shrinking supplies have prompted a culinary crisis in Japan, where tuna is regarded as the height of seafood perfection. Sushi restaurateurs in Tokyo are scouring restaurants in the US for alternatives in case the tuna runs out.

The shortage is the result of the growing international popularity of sushi, particularly in new markets such as Russia and China, as well as a squeeze on fishing quotas. The most popular sushi tuna, bluefin, is also one of the slowest to mature and so particularly at risk from over-fishing. Japan consumes about three quarters of the world's annual bluefin catch.




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