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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Road to Serfdom

Not often do I descend into the murky depths of libertarianism--it makes me feel dirty--but when I stumbled across a cartoon version of Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom" I just had to read it. Given the average intelligence of a libertarian, a cartoon seems the perfect medium.

The best summation of libertarianism I've ever run across is:

Government is the Great Satan. All Evil comes from Government, and all Good from the Market, according to the Ayatollah Rand.



  • Yept, seems right.

    You reference a cartoon version of the Road to Serfdom and then mislead the reader into believing that the quotation you include comes from that piece - when, in fact, it comes from a criticism of libertarianism by one of its long standing enemies.

    A weak stomach AND intellectual dishonesty, what a combination.

    By Anonymous Craig J. Bolton, At 5:04 pm  

  • Thank you Craig for making my point about the relative intelligence of your average libertarian.

    I did not say libertarianism made me feel sick, it makes me feel dirty. There are pretty good arguments that, under most religious codes, libertarianism is a sin. The naked exploitation of the poor by the rich doesn't exactly leave me with a all-spring-clean feeling.

    A new paragraph often signifies a new point in a written work. Further, a hyperlink counts as a reference. Perhaps I should have of used seperate headings and drawn some pretty pictures.

    "Yept", point made. Thanks.

    By Blogger Tristen, At 6:03 am  

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