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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sanjubango Update

Didn't get a chance to start the sanjubango with the Dandelion of Soweto last night. Next week, promise.

Damn, this day has sucked. Not that any one thing has been noticeably horrible. No loved ones torn apart. No terrible things have happened; I'm still employed, out of jail, and with all my limbs attached. Even have cash in my pocket.

Still, there's this underlying feeling of dread and apprehension, laced with a bitter depression. Not a black or even a blue depression. No anger, just bitter, like the cough medicine I used to get as a kid.

However, as I've been told on good authority, tomorrow is another day. Yup, another day of traffic, office tedium, more traffic, and plaintive cries of less-than-perfect human relationships going south. Oh boy, oh boy. Bring it on.



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