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Monday, February 07, 2005


On Saturday, during a phone call that could only be described as taunting, the current South African Open Champion and Dandelion of Soweto agreed to a sanjubango (thirty-game match) against me, to be held over the rest of this year. Game on, sucker, I'm gonna stomp on yo' face.

I will try to record these (scratch) games and post them here. Maybe I'll get my mate Rose Duke (6-Dan) to comment on them. Does anyone know how to post .sgf files on a blogger blog?

Fuck a duck. If this (plus tsumego and professional games) don't get me to 1-Dan by the end of the year, I'll probably never get there (read this post for more on the insanity of it all). I'm not the only one in the grips of panic and despair; there are others at the Club who are also wondering what it will take to make 1-Dan/1-kyu. This goddamned game is the endless, fruitless but oh so addictive pursuit of perfection.



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