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Friday, April 22, 2005


Blogging has been slow lately, and I can't even say that quality is triumphing over quantity. Oh well. I started the thesis, actual words on paper mind you, last weekend. I hope to make more progress this weekend (when I haven't been playing go this week, I've been reading, no time for actual writing).

Sociology, anthropology, even political science all seem to slide very quickly over the definition of a state, usually in the first pages or two of a book, article, etc., if at all. Most, I think, are relying on our common perception of the State, taking it for granted that the readers know what it is. This is despite some serious differences of opinion between individuals and disciplines.

I know, this philosophy is not as exciting as a tense, three-hour go battle, but it is interesting and it is important. Of uttermost importance. Should we have a State? If not, is it then to the barricades? Revolution? What should we replace the State with?

These are the kind of questions that shouldn't be taken lightly, nor in jest.

Call me an optimist, but I believe that there is a better world for us. A better, more humane way of living. That, as a species, we have so much more to offer than what we have dished out. Life over death, hope over despair, meaning to our lives over existing only as mere fragmented, disconnected, replaceable units of production.


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