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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Retching from John Gray

In his book, Heresies, John Gray states (in the essay entitled, The Decadence of Market Power):

Since that conversation [with an ex-Minister of Finance for Argentina], market power has gone into retreat in many parts of the world. As the old man foresaw, International Monetary Fund policies, which aimed for stability in Argentina's public finances, destabilized the country politically, triggered a middle-class revolt, and created near-anarchy.

And later on...

But the difficulties of controlling the spread of destructive technologies are magnified in the chaotic environment created by weakened governments and uncontrolled capital flows. In a semi-anarchic global market, it is almost impossible to track terrorist funds, or prevent organized crime becoming a channel for the transmission of potentially dangerous materials.


Unlike some in Europe, I do not welcome a weakening of US power. A multi-polar world may be fine in theory: in present circumstances, it is a recipe for international anarchy.

Anarchy does not equal chaos and rampage, and a Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics should know better.



  • that's the essay that pissed me off the most, and you've successfully identified the least of his objectiobale points in it.

    these are strange essays, coming from him, though. I read False Dawn, and was thoroughly, accurately impressed. Straw Dogs was equally fascinating. many of these essays, though, are hack jobs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:41 am  

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