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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not just whales. Say goodbye to the apes.

Throughout Central Africa people are eating up all the great apes:

Bush-meat trade is threatening a possible depletion of Africa's great apes, the world's leading chimpanzee and gorilla conservationist, Jane Goodall, warned on Thursday.

She said that although governments on the continent have agreed to the protection of the primates, corruption and commercial interests involving logging companies are making conservation efforts futile.

Extensive destruction of the forests by international logging firms in Central Africa has exposed the primates, mainly chimpanzees, to bush-meat hunters who are killing off the parent chimps, leaving babies orphaned, and selling off the meat to local and illegal international markets, Goodall said.

"The bush-meat crisis is very, very serious. Animals are being eaten to extinction," she told reporters at the sidelines of an international primate conference in Uganda.

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