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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Say goodbye to Bluefin Tuna

The only thing that surprised me about this news item...

Bluefin tuna stocks in the Mediterranean Sea and East Atlantic Ocean are on the brink of extinction because of rampant illicit fishing, the environmental group WWF said on Wednesday.

A report by the WWF said that bluefin tuna catches are at least 40 percent higher than an internationally-approved quota of 32 000 tonnes, and are deliberately under-reported at official level.

It called for the immediate closure of bluefin tuna fishing in the area, followed by an agreement this year on a "strong recovery plan and strict management measures".

Otherwise "we will most likely face the total commercial and biological extinction of the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna," the report warned.

...was that there was still some bluefin left.

For WWF reports on our campaign to eradicate marine life, go here.

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Above: A 1496lbs bluefin tuna caught in Canada way back on October 26, 1979.



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