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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Béla Lukács

Béla Lukács is the author of the quotes in my last post, the one regarding Aristotle lost works. Do visit his homepage, one of the stranger places on the net, with some vairly diverse and obscure interests. It appears that he has been boycotted by his work group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His response to his team leader, who organised the boycott, is worth a read:


I would first conclude that Dr. Martinás, although she is the rightful leader of T/029542, cannot prove the nonexistence of utility function, also she cannot prove the lack of substitutions in consumption. However 1) she spoke so low at times that it was hard to hear all the arguments; 2) it is possible that she did not tell all.

If her point is that the Bródy-Martinás-Sajó model does not describe contemporary economies because of N=2, I agree, but I wrote this already many times. If her point is that some environment variables should be incorporated also, I agree but I have it written too and it will be complicated. If her point is that some Theoretical Economics is performed in the ivory tower and she can do better, I agree, but I can do even better, as I quoted a musical in the Abstract: "Anything you can do I can do better...".

Do not misunderstand me. I think, Dr. Martinás is a great thermodynamic expert. Generally I used to believe she knows more than I in Thermodynamics. I still think so (even then I could do better…) and am confused by the Lecture.

Thermodynamics, I think, still has some future in economy. Let us use it rather than to try to invent something new whose structure is not yet known. But if I misinterpreted the Lecture, my opponent can reply. Maybe the readers of the web will like the arguments; maybe not.

Finally I again protest against the ban and boycott I meet in a research group whose membership I applied and won. I hope that if nasty consequences will arise then they will fall back on the boycotters and specially the team leader. However now I demonstrated my ability to work and I produced something the OTKA Bureau can consider if wants so.


This work belongs to the topics of OTKA T/029542 but of course was not supported by it or helped by anybody in it.

One can only wonder, why the boycott?


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