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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Experiment in Go

Go Shodan Challenge is beating herself up because of an experiment in not connecting when peeped. Wrong attitude. I believe that go is about experimentation, trying out new things, new strategies (hence my currently addiction to quasi cosmic go), new tactics. Harder to win, but worth it. So, Go Shodan Challenge, play some more games where you ignore a few peeps. Who knows, a longer stretch of sente may be more valuable than losses incurred.



  • LOL, ok, good advice.

    It is just so hard to know when to connect, when to ignore, when to experiment, when to play solidly.

    Heck, the more I play, the more I hate go, and the more addicted I get. Does that make sense?


    By Blogger Unknown, At 2:57 am  

  • Yeah, that makes sense. I think it is one of the reasons why people quit. I've come to the conclusion that A) I will never understand go, B) very few people understand go, C) therefore, I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

    In fact, rank obsession and competitive play (such as tournaments) gets in the way of enjoyment. The best games I've had have always been with a friendly person, in a relaxed setting, and where the spirit is on playing for fun.

    By Blogger Tristen, At 10:12 am  

  • Yeah, totally agree, I have a tourney coming up and it is such a pain to come up with a rank.

    I can play like a 10k or a 1d, dependent on my focus, mood, phase of moon, barometric pressure.

    Good advice on just enjoying it, some day I might. For now, I am enjoying part of the time, the other part of the time I spend beating myself up ^^

    Go is just evil ^^ But wouldn't give it up for anything :)


    By Blogger Unknown, At 10:44 pm  

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