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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Financing The Slaughter

It appears that deep sea trawling (a highly destructive practise) is sponsored through and made possible by government subsidies. Once again, business is feeding off the public while destroying our future. Somehow, capitalist swine have become so praised that we not only pay them for ecological damage, but we also encourage our children to join corporations and become agents of destruction, misery and economic warfare.

There is surely a better way for governments to spend money than by paying subsidies to a fleet that burns 1.1 billion liters of fuel annually to maintain paltry catches of old growth fish from highly vulnerable stocks, while destroying their habitat in the process...


Speaking of wiping out species, the destruction of shark populations has caused an increase in ray and small shark numbers, which has led to a decrease in bivalve numbers (clams and oysters). 73 million sharks are killed each year.

In other cheerful news, demand for caviar is wiping out Iranian sturgeon. Once again, the rich are eating us bare. The only way to stop this is to wipe out this exploitative economic system of capitalism at its structural roots.



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