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Monday, April 16, 2007

Northern Researchers and Academics

Working within the progressive sphere of South African civil society, I've noticed that there seems to be an almost conveyor belt of northern academics and researchers coming to South Africa to do research, present their latest book on globalisation and US hegemony (I was recently at a conference that felt more like a book tour), talk at conferences about corporate criminality, or just to simply hang out with activists involved in community struggles and pledge solidarity. All well and good. Glad to know that folks from abroad are interested, and good to know that academics are willing to write papers highlighting the evils of neo-liberalism. Yea.

But, I get the feeling that, for some, there is feeling of being out in exotic Africa and of establishing the global version of "black-up". While solidarity and support are all good and fine, what northern progressives need to do, what would bring lasting change to the global south, is to start insurrections in their home countries. Make Ottawa, London, Berlin, New York burn. Change the governments of the developed world, make them shift to the left (or even abolish them), radically rebuild northern societies, and then we will see an end to the unending abuse of Africa. Go home and mount your own barricades; you'll do all of us a favour.



  • Well it's refreshing to see an SA blog that isn't written by a raving rightist or a whinging whenwe.

    By Blogger Steve Hayes, At 6:55 pm  

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