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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kicking the Shit out Whales

The assault on the whales of this world continues. The war progresses well. In the critical northern oceans, our forces are coming close to removing the terrorist whale threat. The campaign against the Beluga subversives has passed the point of serious resistance, only mopping up operations remain. Collateral damage remains minimal:

Craig Matkin, a marine mammal biologist who contracts with the Alaska Sea Life Center and other agencies, said the extinction study shows federal scientists are recognizing what he and others have argued for a long time.

"I think this report is a turning point," Matkin said. "There's no doubt about it (extinction) if this decline continues ... and that the decline is due to some other kinds of effects than Native subsistence hunts."

Projections indicate less than a 100 years before victory is absolute.


The combined land, coastal and sea operations on the Scotish front indicates that terrorist allies of the whales will be exterminated in 50 years.

Jonny Hughes, the head of policy at the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said: "Sixteen out of 21 Scottish fish stocks, including cod and Atlantic salmon, are currently being exploited beyond sustainable levels. Unless we get some kind of planning system in place to ensure recovery and sustainable use of all our marine life then, in combination with the effects of climate change, in 40 or 50 years' time much of our important wildlife will have perished."


Gentleman, as FDR said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.



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