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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From the handmaidens to Alcan, this is a bit rich...

Dear Tristan

Andrea von Holdt is an environmental project manager at the CDC and responsible for ensuring at all developments within the Coega IDZ; i.e. CDC and tenant-related, are compliant with the South African environmental legislation and have the necessary permits and/or licenses from the relevant Govt. departments. As part of her tasks, she is required to liaise with various key stakeholders (one of which is Earthlife Africa) to ensure that communication channels remain open and that key stakeholders are kept informed and updated as to the CDC’s commitment to sustainable development.

In an effort to improve our service to Earthlife Africa, we kindly request that you take 1 minute to complete this short evaluation form and return it within 3 days.

In order to complete the form, simple press ‘reply’, highlight the appropriate response boxes & click ‘send’.


Operations Business Unit



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