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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'd turn violent too...

A Siberian tiger escaped from its enclosure on Christmas Day at the San Francisco Zoo. Once out, it mauled one man to death and seriously wounded two others. Police then shot the tiger as it charged them:

The dead animal was a Siberian tiger named Tatiana, weighing 300lbs or 21 stone, one of 600 of the endangered species that live in captivity worldwide. She had arrived at San Francisco from Denver zoo several years ago, in the hope that she would mate. Instead, Tatiana established a record of violence. A year ago, under the eyes of horrified visitors, the tiger mauled a zookeeper, seizing her by the hands and trying to drag her closer.

Fuck, I'm with the tiger on this one. Lifetime imprisonment by the very same species that's wiping it out in the wild. If someone destroyed my home, slaughtered my relatives, put me in a cage for life so that fat children could taunt me, I'd turn violent and suicidal. Shooting me would be a mercy.



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