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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Comparing Israel and Tibet- Absurd!

Comparing Israel and Tibet- Absurd!
By Tristen Taylor, Tibetan Solidarity Activist

The recent South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) advert in the Vuvuzela (University of the Witwatersrand, 04 April 2008) showing the Dalai Lama praying at the Wailing Wall and comparing the plight of repressed and brutalised Tibetans to that of Israeli Jews is propaganda at its most vile.

As the latest protests in Tibet have shown, Tibetans have a genuine desire to self-government, religious independence, and freedom from the yoke of repression. The people of Tibet have flooded onto the streets, armed only with their religion and the knowledge of a just cause, and have stood up against the superior military might, arbitrary detention, and extrajudicial killings of the Chinese military. Tibet is a country invaded, economically and environmentally exploited, and whose culture is being swamped by hundreds of thousands of Han Chinese migrants. Tibetans are prisoners within their own country.

Are Tibetans really like Israelis? Is the condition of Tibetan protesters that of Israeli soldiers enforcing collective punishment on an entire people- the Palestinians? No, and to compare the two is not only misleading but also an outright lie.

If SAUJS were prepared to admit the truth, it would see that the conditions of Tibetans and Palestinians were very comparable. Both groups of people are ruled over by an external military force which illegally invaded their country. Both Tibetans and Palestinians are marginalised economically, are subjected to religious and racial persecution, and live in Apartheid-like societies. The arguments for Palestinian and Tibetan liberation are fundamentally the same.

If one were genuinely willing to look at the facts, one would have to admit that the Israeli occupation of Palestine is nothing but a series of crimes against humanity; similar to Chinese crimes against Tibetans.

A more appropriate ad—an ad seeking to expose the suffering of innocents— would be of Ehud Olmert and Wen Jiabao standing respectively over a Palestinian and Tibetan child, and betting who could crush that child’s skull the quickest with their jackboots.

Oh, and by the way, SAUJS’s interest in the plight of Tibetans was witnessed by its conspicuous absence from a recent Free Tibet activity on campus last month.

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  • brilliant!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:21 pm  

  • I am a member of 'Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK'.
    Please, please, make a lot of noise about Palestine, as the Zionists are using the (genuine) plight of Tibet to make the world forget about the anniversary of the NAKBA, i.e. the deatruction and ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:50 pm  

  • I am a member of 'Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK'.
    Please, please, make a lot of noise about Palestine, as the Zionists are using the (genuine) plight of Tibet to make the world forget about the anniversary of the NAKBA, i.e. the destruction and ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:52 pm  

  • Occupation is a crime, it really is that simple. Further the imprisonment of millions of people with 10% of historical Palestine is beyond the pale. Keep up the good work!

    By Blogger Tristen, At 9:24 am  

  • I work very hard! Let's remember that Palestine has been occupied for 60 long years, but the Palestinians must not give up: Many colonized countries waited much longer, e.g. Algeria which got its freedom in 1962 after 130 years of brutal French occupation.
    This week alone, the israeli Occupation Force killed 15 Palestinians: Alas, it is 'business as usual', not worth shouting about in the world press.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:03 pm  

  • Exactly, these stupid Israelis are just trying to look good and make noise about Tibet, so Israel can try to make the world forget how much blood on their hands they collected from the Palestinians for 60 years. These Zionists are trying to control the media saying if you support Palestine, you support terrorism and anti-Semitism. Today's Israel was all Palestine for many centuries and Zionists are trying to trick the world by saying that Israelis are direct descendents of the Canaanites and the Hebrews, but Israelis in actuality come from Europe and Russia. Israel is actually more like China if you ask me. The people from both countries think alike, they are both bent up on world domination (Communist Chinese and Zionist Jews). Jews and Chinese both suffered genocides (Rape Of Nanking and WW2 Holocaust). And now Israel is doing x10 times worse to Palestine and China is doing x10 times worse to Tibetians and Uyghurs. Israel and China have too much in common. Palestinians can't even hurt a fly, they are struggling and craving for justice, freedom and independence just like the Tibetians. Palestinians are natives to their lands. Khazar Israelis should go back to Khazaria if you ask me.

    By Anonymous Bob, At 12:33 am  

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