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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Go Philosophy

Just found William Cobb's Empty Board articles on Go and philosophy (mostly Buddhist). Is this not the perfect marriage?

Anyway, Cobb, in an article entitled Schrodinger's Go Stone (published in American Go Journal XXXV, 2, Spring 2001), takes on quantum mechanics and go moves:

"Classical physics assumed that reality has a definite, determinate character, and all that was needed was a way to observe it accurately. Modern physics knows, or at least suspects, that that is not the way it is. This is no surprise to go players.

"Both the world and the game of go are open ended processes whose constituent parts cannot be precisely delineated so as to make possible precise predictions of outcomes. So when you make that shoulder hit, no one can say that it is definitely a good or a bad play. We can only talk about probabilities. Whether it is good or bad cannot be known until the game ends."



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