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Sunday, May 01, 2005


As I type, I'm awaiting an opponent on KGS where I play as "overdone". There are more important things--oh my god, did I just say that? What could be more important than go? Well, there's my thesis, which is actually progressing, inching towards teasing my definition of the state from primarily Weber and the Montevideo Convention, with a slices of Bookchin, Morris, and Tilly thrown in, plus, of course, the anthropologists with Krader leading the vanguard. Sort of blender approach, I guess. Reckon that the state definition...just got challenged by a 12-kyu, sorry man, but I'm going to decline (the 2d-1k in the notes should've been a hint)...should take about 10,000, maybe 15,000 words. The supervisor says chuck him at 10 page intervals, but I'll wait. Give him the whole argument in one go. You see, I'm building it up in one solid flow, not in little chunks.

Good news is I'll finally be able to pay the last 20% of this year's fees next week. Get that over and done with. ;)

Crap. Just lost on KGS. One more....



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