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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anarchy in Nippon

This just appeals, on so many levels. From some anarchists in Japan:

"1970--"Kokusyoku Sensen Sya" (Society for the Black-colored Front) was formed by Eizaburo Oshima and has published some new books and mostly facsimile editions of old anarchism publications."

Love that, Black-colored Front. Hehehe.

The same site also has a differen
t take on Japanese Society:

"Japanese society has been consisted of socially recognized groups (blood-ties traditionally, companies recently). Individuals have identified with their belonging groups and if a person does not belong to any group or company, s/he will treat as being worthless. The value of an individual has been recognized by his/her belonging group and his/her status in that group. What the individual thinks or acts personally has meant nothing here. Thus an individual in Japan has been treated as an interchangeable part of a group (system). A person who cannot work very well as a part of a system will be gotten rid of the system and will be isolated from the society. Then he or she will be ignored as if the person does not exist. Unfortunately the radical groups, regardless of rightists or leftists, have the same tendency in our country."


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