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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Mighty SAGA

The mighty SAGA (the South African Go Association), the collective madness. This time, instead of the strongest go player in the country being disqualified from standing for election for a spot on the SAGA Council by a SAGA Council decision (a decision later reversed after protest and detailed constitutional argumentation from guys in the Western Cape), the strongest player in country is getting threatened with defamation suits and the like. That’s going down on the Yahoo! Group.

All of this when A) the SAGA Council postponed this year’s Annual General Meeting of SAGA several months ago and has yet not set a new date for the AGM (no elections can be held without an AGM), B) has not set a schedule for 2005 national tournaments (which decide who represents South Africa at the WAGC) despite it now being May, and C) has not (to my knowledge) done a single thing about the upcoming Toyota-Denso African Oza Tournament. What, I may ask, do I pay my membership fees (R70 a year) for? The promotion of go? Don’t be silly.

After ten years of membership in SAGA, I look forward to—nay I drop to my knees and pray with all my blackened heart for—the day when the SAGA is run from the Western Cape, and not from Gauteng.



  • I bet some of the farts on the council wont like that too much :-)

    By Anonymous Rory, At 11:46 pm  

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