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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lack of posting

I've been really busy lately, and have ignored this part of my life.

News in line with the motifs of this lesser-read blog:

The thesis is slowly trundling along, and I've been fighting with Wits University's fees office which has A) jacked up its fees by 10%, well above the rate of inflation, B) demanded R4,000.00 in an up-front payment, which is two-thirds of my total fee, C) represents a university that has become a mecca for corporations, especially banks, to suck students into their maw of, to take from Gore Vidal, perpetual consummation for perpetual misery, D) adding on additional fees to my account like a loan shark piles on the vig, and E) is making my life as difficult as it can despite the University getting a R200,000.00 payout from the Government when I graduate. Goddamn fucking robber barons who deserve to violated nineteen ways to a fucking Sunday, and who have forgotten that the majority of this country lives in endemic poverty, that there is a frighteningly high rate of unemployment, and that education is a goddamn investment in the future health of the body politic. People in this country were tortured, executed, forced to kill one another in the past, and the result of that struggle? A public university that openly practices economic discrimination and who's only answers to you not being able to afford to pay their high fees is get a job (oh, and without an education, what will you earn? Fucking peanuts, that's what. Maybe the University had prostitution and slinging crack in mind), hit up your parents and friends (and, if you are living in a shack where scraping money together for bread is a daily occupation, what the fuck are you supposed to do then? Revert to option one and sell your younger brother into sex slavery? How about it Ollie? A nice underpass and lots of interesting "friends"), be brilliant enough to get a scholarship, or to go into debt (they have preferred banks, one of which has a stand next to the fees office, and which begs the question, if you can't pay now, how the fuck are you going to play later? Oh, I forgot, cocaine and I love you long time).

As there is every chance I'll be in Ghana in late July, I'll miss a qualifying tournament for the SA Closed, which will mean I'll lose any chance of representing South Africa at the World Amateur Go Championship. That sucks, but, in a weird way, lifts off a lot of pressure and, maybe, I can concentrate on just enjoying the game for all of its heart-staggering beauty.


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