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Friday, September 01, 2006

Quote on the state of things

Doesn't this sound familiar:

Let me briefly sketch a picture of modern society. At the top there are priests engaged in the traffic of sacraments and religious ceremonies, soldiers selling secrets of a so-called national defence, writers glorifying injustice, poets idealising ugliness, shop-keepers giving false measure, industralists faking their products and speculators fishing for millions in the insatiable sea of human stupidity. At the bottom there are building labourers without homes, working tailors without clothes, working bakers without bread, millions of workers beaten down by unemployment and hunger, families heaped up in slums, and young girls aged fifteen forced to earn money by enduring the sweaty embrace of old men or the rapacious assaults of the young bourgeois.


Sebastian Faure


August 1891

So much for science and progress.



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