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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What is to be done in Iceland?

Since my recent posts on the bastards in Iceland resuming commercial whaling, this site has received a relative flood of visitors from Iceland. So, now that they are here, what is to be done? Basically, you, the citizens of Iceland, must force your government to ban whaling. Time for a revolution.

I'm serious. You need to pressure on the government to not only withdraw its financial support for whaling (which is, after all, your taxes at work) but to abolish the backwards, short-sighted policy of killing whales for no good reason.

How, you ask? To the streets, to the barricades. Block the whaling ships from leaving or entering the harbour, march on the headquarters of the whaling company, use your imagination and all sorts of avenues will open up. If you were to do oppose this slaughter, over a long enough period of time, you would force the government to abandon its madness. Imagine the press, the world doesn't want whaling, the whales aren't so keen on it, the people of Iceland (that's you) don't want it, but the government does?

Do not sit idly by, do not expect others to do the dirty work for you. Instead, find fellow sane residents of Iceland, and then agitate, educate and organise.

If you do not rise up, then the shame & scorn of not only this generation but all the ones to follow, will be on your head. You can save the whales, you have the means and the opportunity. So, to the barricades...

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  • Iceland's sustainable whaling should be backed because it is consistent with the principle of sustainable development.

    Why should anyone expect Iceland to ban a good example of sustainable use of living marine resources?

    By Blogger David, At 4:08 pm  

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