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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thesis Progress

One of the reasons for lack of posting over the holiday period was an intense session at working on the thesis. I slept with The Politics besides me. Anyway, I've finished with Part Three, an examination of Aristotle's politics and ethics, how they apply to the polis and the startling conclusion that 1) the polis is not a State, 2) Aristotle has been systematically mistranslated, 3) for Aristotle, eudemonia (the good life) is impossible outside the polis.

I've sent it off for comments and I'll soon be putting it up on this site for your comments. I just may be able to finish this beast on the 15th of Feb., thus saving myself from another year of Wits's ruinious fees. Speaking of which, there's this year's 10% fee increase, keeping with long-standing tradition. Bastards are jacking up fees higher than the rate of inflation. Scum-sucking capitalist swine, making money of the desperation of the many to become the few. Parasites on the body politic. In fact, that about the best you can about the goddamn, foul, putrid, greedy, vain and ugly leechs that form the Wits management. Fuck them and the horse (neo-liberalism) they rode in on.



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