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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Financing Dead Whales

Multinational corporations are also to blame for the killing of whales:

Kyokuyo is a multinational seafood conglomerate that got its start in the 1930s as a whaling company operating in the Antarctic. Although it sold its stock in the government of Japan's whaling fleet last year, Kyokuyo has not cut its connections to the whaling industry. It continues to sell millions of cans of Polar Seas brand canned whale meat and other whale products across Japan and on the Internet.

Kyokuyo recently partnered with True World Foods, the self-described "premier" seafood and sushi distributor in the U.S. to market frozen sushi under the brand name "Polar Seas Frozen Sushi." The groups are urging U.S. grocery stores to think twice before placing Polar Seas products on their shelves. The product is slated to hit grocery stores here as early as this summer.


Can you not see the connection? Destroying the oceans is profitable under current capitalist economics. This isn't about culture, people's tastes in food, or nationalism. It is industrialised economics. Dirty, exploitative global capitalism.



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