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Monday, June 04, 2007

The Science Creative Quarterly

This is worth some of your time and will, most likely, brighten up your day. Brightened up my day, and, as blogs are really all about the author, with personal issues often masquerading as concern for others and/or hatred of Bush, I don't actually care whether it makes you happy or not. I'm rolling around next to my desk, choking on laughter as oblivion beckons, and that's all that matters right now.

Anyway, from The Science Creative Quarterly and on asteroid strikes:

Threat Level: Red
Collision with Earth is certain. Destruction is likely to be local. Loss of life: 0-100,000.

The effects will vary, but at their worst, they’ll resemble the effects of a large nuclear explosion. On land, impact will flatten several square kilometres. At sea, impact will cause a minor tsunami.

Once the impact point is identified, there’ll be a mad scramble as people flee. In the United States, FEMA will try to coordinate an orderly evacuation, but will accidentally bus thousands of innocent black people into the danger zone rather than out of it, then fine them for entering a restricted area. The price of gas along the evacuation route will shoot up to $30 per litre and stay there.

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