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Friday, January 11, 2008

Kenya Events

For information about continued violence and repression in Kenya, go to Action Alerts. Sokari, at Black Looks, is also posting about the situation. In a recent post, Sokari stated:

For those who have been closely monitoring the events in Kenya over the past two weeks, political activist and author of the Kenyan Democracy Project blog, Onyango Oloo has written an excellent analysis of the opposing political consensus in Kenya. From the progressive side is the view that a “civilian coup with increasingly fascist tendencies” has taken place and set in motion a rage from the poor masses who have turned their betrayal and anger against each other in a frenzy of ethnic based violence which if not stopped “threatens the very notion of Kenya.” The treat is not just to Kenya but also for the major capitalist players…..

Go check them out. They know far more than I will ever do about Kenya.



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