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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Press Release: The WSF Global Day of Action in Johannesburg

Press Release: The WSF Global Day of Action in Johannesburg and against neoliberal South Africa
Social Movements Indaba

The World Social Forum has taken place every year since 2001 – then in Porto Alegre in Brazil. The 2007 convergence in Nairobi called for the event in 2008 to be less a single carnival-event and rather a global day of action on 26th January that would ripple across the globe as a counter to the meeting of the global aristocracy convened in Davos at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. In Johannesburg, the Social Movements Indaba is calling an activists forum in Soweto for the day.

The global day of action is recognition of the crises that are endemic to world capitalism today. At burning ends of the system are military occupations of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Western Sahara and Somalia where human life is incidental to imperial appetites for energy and power. In the spaces between war zones, the conflict smoulders in a similar illogic that reduces people to just another variable in an equation to maximize cost efficiencies and profit.

As people disposed of by the system in Johannesburg and in South Africa, we reject the pollution, poverty and disease it forces on our communities and the ethnic and racist divisions it spawns. Development, employment, millennium development goals and 2010 are towers of Babel for politicians and their corporate sponsors. On the ground these politicians are so fond of invoking, real world solutions to the crises begin where the capitalist system ends.

The activist forum takes place in Soweto this Sunday, 27 January, 10 am at the Career Centre, on the corner of Immink drive and Old Potch road (opposite the Lesedi clinic and adjacent to the BP garage). Activities include a film screening and a launch of a book on the World Social Forum, as well as discussions on xenophobia in South Africa, women's reproductive rights and sustainable solutions to the electricity outages. Join the activist forum to declare:
we are all Zimbabweans, Palestinians, refugees…

Contact the Social Movements Indaba secretary, Makoma Lekalakala, on 082 682-9177 or Silumko Radebe on 072 173 7268 for more information.



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