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Monday, February 18, 2008

More on Africom

Two decent articles on Africom and Bush's desire to turn Africa into some sort of Latin America meets Afganistan meets Guam have appeared on Pambazuka's webiste. Go here and here. At taste from Hamza Njozi's piece.

To achieve this end, they have stationed military bases all over the world. The goal of their grand strategy is to prevent any challenge to the power, position, and prestige of the United States. Since securing the supplies of oil enables the Americans to have power over her rivals and competitors, successive US governments have bombed, occupied or controlled countries with rich oil deposits. According to a government daily newspaper Habari Leo of 21 July 2007, an American oil company Helvey International and Petronet International of South Africa have signed a $313 million oil exploration contract in Tanzania. In view of how American oil companies have fleeced other oil rich countries like Ecuador, this does not augur us well.

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