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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Maybe tonight

Maybe I can get the sanjubanjo with the Dandelion of Soweto started tonight. All prepared. Have my game record sheets in the car, pen is at the club. The only thing I need now is the spirit of Shusaku (go and pay your respects) to guide me through. Solid opening, get in the lead, and avoid the fights (Dandelion is all about fighting). That's the plan.

Haven't had updated, official ranks from the national association since the beginning of Dec. 2004. For all I know, Dandelion is 2-Dan and I'm 2-kyu. Probably not. But the weak kyu-level players will most likely be out of step, as their rankings are volatile: According to the national ranking system, the weaker you rank, the easier it is to get promoted. The converse is also true, stronger you are, the harder it is to move a rank. Several individuals will have been playing off the wrong rank for weeks now. Not nice.

Back to the sanjubango: If I pull this off tonight, it won't be because of a solid study effort on my part. Been oh so slack.

Truthfully, I fear I am about to be punished.


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