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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Behaviour modification

As I've said before, one of the main problems with my go has been fast play; basically playing without thinking, moving on instinct. That might have been ok if A) opponents also declined to think, and B) my instinct was sound, neither of which has been true. Somewhat unsportingly, the person (I almost wrote 'chap', but, to my great satisfaction, JHB Club has attracted many new, female players, transforming the Club into something besides a boys-only play group) across from me thinks about his/her moves every so often. As for instinct, well, it is a well-known fact that go playing skills evolved alongside binocular vision and bipedal locomotion.

However, there is hope. I start recording my games last night, and, gee whiz skipper, it sure did done make a difference. My behaviour modified. To start off with, the first game (against a mate and constant opponent of eleven years) lasted for just over two hours, a record (god help me, I can't stop) in my book. I won it. Then he triumphed in the second, and we left the Club at 23:40. And, just because, and contrary to all other opinion, it is all about me, here's the game I won (Black resigns on Move 181):

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