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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Diamond Dogs

I've had Diamond Dogs by Bowie in my head all day. Not that that is a bad thing. Has one of my favourite lines in a song:

"In the year of the scavenger, season of the bitch"

Also stuck in my head is the one or two things I need to do for the proposal. In order to get it past some faculty committee of unclear origins and unknown motives, it has been suggested that I tone down the rhetoric, add something about when mountains become hills (when States stop becoming States), and talk a bit about sovereignty and prudential justification. Not difficult, but fucked if I can get around to it. With the second job interview, salary negotiation, and handicap tournament (on Sunday, went two and two, winning against a 1-kyu and a 1-dan, going down against a 3-dan and a 3-kyu), I can't find the willpower to alter a document that is highly unlikely to be an accurate representation of the final product (the thesis). I want the whole affair to be over and done with so I can push on, thrust hard into the body of the work, delve deep...

Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I'll veg out with Dune by Frank Herbert.


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