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Monday, March 07, 2005

Ubuntu II

I am Linux god. There was a problem (the computer wouldn't shut off, kept on giving me "acpi_power_off called"), I searched on the interent and found this. I took the suggestions home, did what was I told, and it didn't work. The computer kept on telling me that the file that was supposed to help it turn off wasn't there. The file (menu.1st) did not exist.

I cursed every Linux developer known to man or penguin. Then, I calmed down, swept up the broken glass, and started flipping through files. Anyway, the fix-it guide said I should tap "$ sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst_backup" into the terminal. Stupid me though menu.lst was menu.1st (must have been the printer, must have been, I swear it looked like a 1). Once I figured that out, the appropirate file popped up on my screen. I dutifully altered the file (all the time feeling like some cool (but nerdy) computer, hacker wizard), and, hey, it worked. I was amazed. For the first time in my brief Linux experience, I correctly identified the problem and then fixed it, AND I used the terminal. All thanks to the guide dude.

So, now I have confidence. I can master this, I will make this work, I can do this. I will be able to get the goddamned, traitorous, motherfucking idiotic Gnome CD player to play an audio CD (it plays for about half a second and then stubbornly does nothing), and I will get connected to the net (haven't attempted yet, next weekend's challenge).


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