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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

5-5 Openings

Strange glances at the Club these days, as I have been experiementing with 5-5 openings, especially in 2 and 3-stone handicap games. Last night, played two games, won both (as white) by playing high and for power & influence.

For what it is worth, here's the opening gambits of both games:

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  • Funny that you mention it. Last week, our new club player pulled a 5-5 on me for the first time, so I replied with 5-5 in the third corner too. Ended up being a pretty interesting game.

    Now I use it occasionally in games, when I feel like experimenting. Not sure how to use it yet, but it's fun to experiment.

    By Blogger O_Scientist, At 10:32 pm  

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