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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Sky Road

Btw, the last post, I know, was a bit corny. Yet, there is a bit of truth within it.
1) This is not the best of all possible worlds.
2) It is up to us to change this world, to make it better. No one else will do it. We are alone.
3) We are failing.

Anyway, been reading Ken MacLeod's, The Sky Road of late. If you haven't read him and like SF, you should.

As usual, I have a few quotes. From The Sky Road:

"Her own software was wrapped around her, its loyalty as intimate, and as hard to subvert, as the enhanced immune-systems in her blood....It did to the world nets what her Styerling search engine did for her Library--it selected and extracted what was relevant from the vast and choppy sea of data in which most people swam or, more often, drowned."

"'Ever thought of joining the Army? Good pay, great conditions. Tough guys like you could make a good go of it.'
They had to hold each other up, they were laughing so hard.
'Not gone get killed fighting hicks and geeks,' one of them said. The sweep of his arm took in everything from the Two Mile Tower to the stall's bristling headware whiskers. He spat away, on to the pavement.
'You preferred tech to men,' he said. 'Let tech defend you.'"

Ken MacLeod even has his own blog. Go here.


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