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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another warning

This came from my supervisor the other day...

"The GSC [Graduate School Committee] is getting tough on deadlines. Postgrads applying to extend the time when they are expected to turn in their theses must have compelling reasons for needing an extension, in addition to a plan of action to correct whatever problems there have been. Furthermore, supervisors must comment supportively on the student's rationale in order for the extension to be granted.

"I'm afraid that the GSC does not count procrastination as a compelling reason for needing an extension. Several members expressed the view that if a student's supervisor (or postgrad coordinator) has urged him to complete the degree on time and then if the student has procrastinated despite such warning, then the student should not stay in the programme. Please take heed of this new stringency with respect to deadlines!"

Hmm, I've been warned. I feel guilty. I must get cracking on the thesis. I'll work on it tomorrow.


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