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Friday, June 10, 2005

Today in Iraq

Today in Iraq is the best site around for news on Iraq (analysis is Informed Comment). On Tuesday (7th of June), Yankee put up this post:

"We have lost this war. It doesn’t matter that the administration redefines success, or finds new factors to blame for their own failures. We have lost.

"We lost diplomatically before the first shot was fired. Where America once had friends and allies, we are now alone and isolated. We no longer lead the Free World; the Free World treats us as a pariah and we lead a motley assembly of hopeful opportunists and mercenaries. The opportunists will be disappointed and the mercenaries will disappoint us.

"We lost militarily. We overpowered a conventional army that wouldn’t fight but we created an insurgent army that will fight us where none existed before. We gave the world’s sympathy to people who want to kill us and destroy our nation."




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