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Monday, June 20, 2005

Found the damn letter

Okay, I found the damn letter from the proposal reviewer. He stated that:

"This proposal is very clear: the candidate proposes to consider whether (some variant of) anarchism might promote human flourishing more than the state.

"Althougth I believe this proposal should be accepted as it is, I have two comments which might be of interest to the candidate. The first is that classical Marxism also delineates a state-less form of social organisation ('communism') which might stioll merit attention; the second has to do with the status of the concept of the state. What sort of concept is it?--a common-property concept, defined by necessary and sufficient condititions, or a family resemblance concept? And isn't it an 'essentially contested' concept? Finally, then, do these questions concerning the status of the concept of the state have any significant bearing on the candidate's project?"


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