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Monday, July 11, 2005

An African on the Live 8 Party

Finally, some sanity on Live 8, foriegn debt, and crusading Europeans. Black Looks, a blog my self-proclaimed African Fem from Nigeria, has this to say in a post entitled 'We are not whales!':

"We were presented with Africa as the “scar of the world”, passive, starving, diseased, dying and helpless. This was a conscious decision by the organisers of the concert to make the crowd sympathetic to their cause and at the same time make them feel good, make them feel as if they had made a contribution to saving Africa. I am reminded of an American TV programme we watched as children in Nigeria: The Lone Ranger. At the end of each programme after the Lone Ranger had fought off the baddies and saved the poor defenseless people his horse would rear up and he would shout “hiooooooo Silver” and then ride into the wilderness till the following week. And so to we are all asked to give "thanks and praises" to the great white chief Geldof on his shining white horse."

Go read her now.



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