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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

African Oza 2006

Last weekend was the African Oza (qualifying round for the Toyota & Denso tournament), held in Stellenbosch (Western Cape, South Africa). I had a ball of a time, and even managed to play some decent go. The tournament started on Friday and ended on Sunday, you can read the official report here.

Friday night and Staurday night were spent drinking in various bars and clubs (on Saturday night, we were out until 3:30am).

Picture 1: My opponent in Round 7

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Picture 2: My mate 40 minutes before the Round 5 (Sunday morning at the backpackers, we were too late and drunk to find our room and, hence, slept in the lounge)

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Picture 3: Evening Recreation

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My results:

Game One: win vs. 1-kyu
Game Two: lose vs. 7-dan
Game Three: win vs. 1-dan
Game Four: lose vs. 3-kyu
Game Five: lose vs. 3-kyu
Game Six: win vs. 3-kyu
Game Seven: win vs. 2-kyu



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