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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Johannesburg Baduk Open 2006

The JHB Open for 2006 was last Sunday, and, like Dick's friend, I decided to have some fun with my pals. Now, I play go with my heart, and not with my head, which is slightly unfortunate because it often leads to me shooting my load without looking.

I blew away my first opponent (1-Dan) with a lucky, what-the-hell strike that left him mortally wounded.

In the next round, the eventual winner of the tournament (2-Dan) and I went mano a mano through the fuskei until I made a ill-conceived invasion (based on a long, hard 30 seconds bout of analysis) and was then the victim of exact and ruthless sniper fire.

I shrugged off that loss and went into the last round and played with gay abandon. For most of the game, it was the road to Baghdad for my opponent (2-kyu), until I played a connection that actually was a self-inflicted cut, worth the life of a 78-point group.

I should really think before making a move. This hair-trigger stuff just doesn't work.



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