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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lets make some cash by raping Mother Earth

Over the weekend, I read Listening to Whales by Alexander Morton. Fish farming (Atlantic Salmon), it seems, has screwed up an entire ecosystem, and all in the name of profits for multinational corporations.

The David Suzuki Foundation lays out the current destruction:

Our recent investigation of logging practices in the Kalum Forest District has revealed many apparent violations of the Fisheries Act. The reality is that B.C.'s fish and fish habitat are in trouble. Collapsing fish stocks and polluted aquatic environments are clear signs that current protection strategies are not working.This report is based on field surveys of forestry cutblocks that were logged between 2003 and 2005.

Why should I be worried about this, living in South Africa? Blowback on the entire species, and what happens in one part of the globe will affect other parts. The ecosystem is a whole, not disconnected parts. If we continue to carry on like this, we will be left with oceans devoid of life and seaboards drowned.

Thanks, big money. Thanks for taking away our future and biological heritage. May you choke on your money, soon enough that's all we'll have left to eat.


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