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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Say Goodbye to Polar Bears

As we've (those who care, that is) known for a while, the Arctic ice cap is melting. The latest good news is that it is not only melting in summer faster than it can be reformed in winter, it is also melting in winter. The polar bears (who live on the ice) are fucked:

"Particularly hard hit would be the polar bears, which live on the ice, he said. Sea ice also provides oxygen-rich cold water needed for the growth of phytoplankton. A decline in the number of the tiny plants could have a cascading effect on the food supply of fish and crustaceans, seals and the other marine mammals.

...Parkinson and Ian Stirling, a biologist in the Canadian Wildlife Service, published a study in the journal Arctic this month showing that the polar bear population is shrinking, even though there have been more sightings. Instead, the Hudson Bay population has declined from 1,200 bears in 1989 to 950 bears in 2004, and the weight of adult females has dropped. None of the 18 other populations in the Arctic has grown, either, she said."


Of course, as I am sure you are well aware, there is oil underneath the ice. The only reason the oil isn't being drilled is the ice is in the way, which is in the way of the God-given right to make profit. The solution, melt the ice. How? Global warming, and fuck the polar bears, marine food-chain, and the human race.

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