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Friday, March 11, 2005


In the anarchist calendar, March is the month to remember the Kronstadt Rebellion. For those that don't know, the Kronstadt Rebellion occured in March 1921 when anarchist sailors and soliders rose up against the Bolshevik Government, demanding, horror upon horror, freely-elected Soviets (workers' councils) and bread. If I wasn't a pacifist, I'd say that Leon Trotsky's ice pick was a just reward from his role in crushing the Kronstadt Rebellion.

More on the Kronstadt Rebellion can be found here and here.

I won't say anything else about this. Instead, I'll quote from the Rebellion's version of a blog:

"Kronstadt began a struggle with the Communist usurpers of power, who have taken for themselves the right to punish and pardon the peasants and workers, like grand lords. We have thrown out a call to all the laborers of Russia to struggle for freely elected Soviets. Our cry has been heard. The revolutionary sailors, soldiers and workers of Petrograd are already coming to our aid.

"We have learned from deserters that in Petrograd Fieldmarshal Trotsky is already unable to raise a single combat detachment. He is forced to make do with gangs of chekists, murderers from the anti-profiteer detachments and other scum.

"We also learn that for the Communist staff, simple Communists are already not enough for the attack on Kronstadt. They are calling for select berserkers.

"The Bolshevik authorities feel the ground slipping from under their feet, and give the order in Petrograd to shoot any group of 5 people gathered in the street. The authorities are scared.

"They are beginning to act nervously, making mistake after mistake, and finally coming to the point where they shoot cannons at sparrows.

"The people of Petrograd are putting on pressure from the rear. One more blow and the oppressors' power will fall."--Kronstadt Izvestiia, NUMBER 9, Friday, March 11th, 1921


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