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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Daniel Dennett gets some stick

I had to debunk Daniel Dennett's theory of consciousness, which is that consciousness doesn't exist, for my Honours Thesis. So, when I see him getting some stick, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Dale sent me here, which sent me to this Guardian article. The quotes below are from the Guardian article:

Now it was [Michael] Ruse's turn not to see the joke. He wrote back a very angry defence of his position [to Dennett that started with a brief self-definition: "I am a full professor with tenure at a university known chiefly for its prowess on the football field, living out my retirement years in the sunshine - I have no reputation to preserve, and frankly can say and do whatever the fuck I want to without sinking further.

"I am a hardline Darwinian and always have been very publicly when it cost me status and respect - in fact, I am more hardline than you are, because I don't buy into this meme bullshit but put everything - especially including ethics - in the language of genes."

For philosophy papers on consciousness, go here.



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